Study Plan Determination – This document outlines the Study Plan Determination (SPD) as issued by FERC.

Revised Study Plan (RSP) – The Revised Study Plan (RSP) which is subject to additional comments, review, and approval by the FERC, incorporates public comments from the proposed study plan and includes further details regarding the relicensing studies.


Proposed Study Plan (PSP) –  The Proposed Study plan is the initial study plan that provides a description of each study proposed, addresses resource management objectives, describes existing information, and explains the nexus between project operations and effects for the resource to be studied.  The Revised Study Plan follows the Proposed Study Plan.


Pre-Application Document (PAD) – The PAD contains a clear description of the project with information pertaining to the existing environment and resource impacts, issues and information or studies, a list of relevant comprehensive plans, process plan that sets the schedule for developing the license application and a summary of contacts made to seek out information to develop the PAD.